Bletchley Dragons : Graeme Nye

Graeme Nye

    Current Grade:
Black belt - 1st Dan
Graeme Nye
Graeme Nye 
    Training since:
    Favourite technique:
Axe Kick
martial artist:
Remy Bonjasky
    Achievements: Milton Keynes Interclub (Semi-Contact) Champion - 2004, 2009 & 2010 (Men's)
ECKA Light Continuous National Championships 2nd place - 2013
ECKA Light Continuous National Championships 2nd place - 2009
ECKA Semi Contact National Championships 2nd place - 2004
ECKA Milton Keynes Open (Light Continuous) 2nd place - 2013
ECKA Milton Keynes Open (Semi-Contact) 2nd place - 2009
Milton Keynes Interclub 2nd Place - 2005
ICO British Championships 3rd place - 2010
To be a 6th Dan Black Belt
    Other information:
I have been playing the drums for 1 year and I play in 2 bands, called "Silver Etute" and "Elemental Disjunction" with Deejay.

Graeme landing an awesome kick in his black belt grading
Graeme landing a great kick during the sparring in his Black Belt grading!


Graeme performing a flying side kick
Graeme demonstrating a fantastic flying side kick!


Graeme kicking
A still from the video of Graeme performing his Freefrom in his Junior Black belt grading.