Bletchley Dragons : Student Profile

Black Belt Hall of Fame

The following students have all gained their Black Belts whilst training with the Bletchley Dragons Karate Club (the year indicates when they achieved their 1st Dan Black belt):

Geoff Aldridge, 1992 (currently a 5th Dan Black belt)
Libby Aldridge, 2003 (currently a 3rd Dan Black belt)
Karl Ridge, 2004
Rachel Thomasson, 2005
Joe Ayres, 2008
Rob Goff, 2008 (currently a 2nd Dan Black belt)
Stuart Knox, 2008
Christian Nye, 2008
Daniel Nye, 2008
Graeme Nye, 2008
James Nye, 2008
Tim Nye, 2008
Felix Lum, 2010
Henry Stockwell, 2010
Robyn Vaughan, 2010
Mark Hodges, 2010 (currently a 2nd Dan Black belt)
Mahin Ahmed, 2012
Casey Hodges, 2013
Kelly Hodges, 2013
Dylan Gannaway, 2015
Mark Mackrill, 2016
Kyla Hincks, 2016

Student Profiles

Below are links to students pages for Bletchley Dragon students who have requested their own page on the site.

If you do not have one and would like a profile added to the site then please contact one of the Instructors.

Max Andrejevs

Liam Connell

Paula Darnell

Aimee Deakin

Kyla Hincks

Casey Hodges

Kelly Hodges

Meg Hounslow

Josh Mortimer

Christian Nye

Daniel Nye

Graeme Nye

James Vaughan

Robyn Vaughan

Alex Wallace

Chris Warwick