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Grading results (8th & 9th December 2012)

Red Belt - Luke & Peter
White Belt - Emilia & Ola
Yellow Belt - Fawziyah, Hafsah, Leonie, Lilly, Mohammed & Zahra
Blue Belt - Adam, Alex & Sean

December 2012 Grading

Paula wins ECKA Grand Prix!

Paula Darnell gains second and third places in the ECKA Light Continuous National Championships and by doing so wins the overall 2012 ECKA Grand Prix for Novice Adults! Fantastic achievement!
Paula, 2012 ECKA Grand Prix Champion

Grading results (9th September 2012)

Red Belt - Emilia, James, Joe & Sam
White Belt - Girisha & Leonie
Orange Belt - Brenda & Mason
Green Belt - Sahib
Purple Belt - Emily

Summer Course 2012

Summer Course 2012
Sensei Geoff, Sensei Libby and Louisa train with current WAKO World Champion, Monika Markowska at the ECKA 2012 Summer Course.

Results from ECKA Semi-Contact National Championships (21st July)

Kelly - 2nd
Amber - 2nd
Henry- 2nd
Paula - 3rd
Connor - 3rd
Lilly - 3rd
James - 3rd

Congratulations to Sensei Robert Goff for passing his 2nd Dan Black Belt (14th July)

Grading results - 30th June & 1st July 2012

Red Belt - Beth & Ola
White Belt - Amber, Zahra & Hafsah
Green Belt - Paula
Purple Belt - Adam, Alex & Sean

Bletchley Dragons fighters in the MK Interclub (24th June 2012)

1st - Casey Hodges
1st - Kelly Hodges

1st - Henry Stockwell
2nd - Connor Jordan
2nd - James Vaughan
2nd - Robyn Vaughan
3rd - Mahin Ahmed
3rd - Paula Darnell
3rd - Amber Jordan
Also a huge well done to Adam Darnell, Lilly Stockwell & Beth Rocha!

Results from ECKA Hereford Open (10th June)

Henry & Amber - Champions!
Adam & Paula - Silver
Connor - Bronze

2012 Hereford Open Team

Milton Keynes Semi-contact Interclub (24th June)

Entry forms now available

ECKA Tipton Open (15th April 2012)

Fantastic day at the ECKA Tipton Open and some great results:
Connor - 2 x Champion (Semi-contact and Light-continuous)
Paula - Champion (Semi-contact)
Casey - 2 x Runner-up (Semi-contact and forms)
Amber - Runner-up (Semi-contact)
Kelly - Third (injured in Light-continuous)

Grading results - 17th & 18th March 2012

Red Belt -Leonie, Girisha, Zahra & Hafsah
White Belt - Mohammed & Fawziyah
Yellow Belt - Mason, Evie, Joseph & Cora
Orange Belt - Rhys, Sahib & Paula
Green Belt - Adam, Alex, Emily & Sean
Blue Belt - Kewin
Brown Belt - Dylan

ECKA Grand Prix dates for 2012:

ECKA Tipton Open - 15/4/2012

ECKA Hereford Open - 10/6/2012

ECKA Semi-Contact National Championships - 21/7/2012

ECKA Milton Keynes Open - 29/9/2012

ECKA Light Continuous National Championships - 10/11/2012

1st Kyu results - 5th Feburary 2012

Well done to:
Casey Hodges
Kelly Hodges
Paul Stroud
1st Kyu grades passed today!

Grading results (11th December 2011)

Red Belt - Mohammed, Fawziyah & Amber
White Belt - Lilly, Evie, Joseph, Cora, Connor & Pete
Yellow Belt -Rhys, Sahib, Paula & Brenda
Orange Belt - Adam, Alex & Sean
Purple Belt - Ryan
Blue Belt - Emily
Brown Belt - Phil

ECKA Light Continuous National Championships (12th November 2011)

Fantastic results from the ECKA Light Continuous National Championships, held in Coventry:
Paula Darnell - 2nd
Casey Hodges & Kelly Hodges - 3rd

Grading results (18th September 2011)

Red Belt - Lilly, Sebastian, Evie, Joseph, Cora, Connor & Pete
White Belt - Mason, Rhys, Sahib, Paula & Brenda
Yellow Belt - Shirley, Adam, Alex & Sean
Orange Belt - Emily
Green Belt - Ryan
Purple Belt - Kewin & Elliott
Blue Belt - Phil
Brown Belt - Casey & Kelly

Bletchley Dragons students with their new beltsBletchley Dragons students with their new belts

ECKA Semi Contact National Championships (30th July 2011)

Fantastic results from the ECKA National championships for semi contact, held in Coventry:
Robyn Vaughan & Kelly Hodges - Champions!
Henry Stockwell & Sean Ross - 2nd
Casey Hodges - 3rd
Also, great fights from:
Adam Darnell, Paula Darnell (4th place), Mark Hodges (4th place) & Alex Ross.

The Bletchley Dragons team
Some of the members of the Bletchley Dragons team.

Grading results (12th June 2011)

Red Belt - Brenda, Mason, Paula & Rhys
White Belt - Adam, Alex, Erik, Giles, Sean & Shirley
Yellow Belt - Emily
Orange Belt - Ryan
Green Belt - Elliott
Purple Belt - Phil
Blue Belt - Casey, Dylan & Kelly
Brown Belt - Chris, Nathan & Paul

Grading results - 12-06-2011
Some of the Bletchley Dragons students, with their new belts!

Video from the 2011 ECKA Fight Night:

More videos available online

Video from the 2011 ECKA Tipton Open:

More videos available online

ECKA Hereford Open

The club was represented by just Robyn and Adam at the ECKA Hereford Open on the 22nd May. Robyn managed to win Gold after her two-round final match against a Welsh international fighter. Adam also fought well, in his first ever competition, winning two of his four fights on the day he was very unlucky not to place, but should great potential for the future!

Chris Warwick draws full contact fight

After a very closely fought match with Michael Lines, Chris Warwick earns a draw in his first ever full contact match (7th May). He seems very keep to get back in the ring, so expect more fights from Chris!

Sensei Geoff & Libby train with "Superfoot"

Sensei Geoff and Libby travelled to Wales on the 30th April 2011 to train with the legendary Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, undefeated Professional Karate Association (PKA) Middleweight Champion. He was truly inspirational and had amazing skills, at 65 years of age!

Sensei Geoff & Libby with "Superfoot"

Milton Keynes Semi-Contact Interclub - 10th April 2011

Well done to everyone to took part in the MK Interclub! Trophies were won by:

A big well done to the rest of the team; Alex, Elliott, Emily, Kelly & Ryan.

MK Interclub (kids) team

Grading results - 27th March 2011

Red Belt - Adam, Alex, Ali, Erik, Giles, Ross, Sahib, Sean & Shirley
Yellow Belt - Ryan
Orange Belt - Nahid & Elliott
Green Belt - Kewin & Phil
Purple Belt - Casey, Dylan & Kelly

Henry fights in WAKO British Championships

Henry "the machine" Stockwell fought in the WAKO British Championships on the 27th February 2011, whilst unfortunately not reaching the podium on the competition, he did earn some good experience fighting in the top tournament in the UK!

Mahin gains 1st Kyu

Mahin Ahmed gains his 1st Kyu grade on the 6th February 2011, following a tough 2 hour course he managed to pass his grading, the last before black belt!

Club Annual Awards and Fitness Test

Report and pictures from the 2010 Annual Awards now available.

Grading results - 12th December 2010

White Belt - Emily & Ryan
Yellow Belt - Nahid & Elliot
Orange Belt - Phil
Green Belt - Casey, Dylan & Kelly
Purple Belt - Miraz & Christoper
Blue Belt - Joe & Paul

Black Belt Grading - 11th December 2010

Congratulations to Mark Hodges, who successfully passed his 1st Dan Black Belt!

Bletchley Dragons Karate Club help the local Cubs group get their Martial Arts badge!

Bletchley Dragons Karate Club instructors with Cubs

Video from the 2010 ECKA Summer Course:


More videos available online

ECKA Milton Keynes Open Results (25th Spetember 2010)

Some more fantasic results from the ECKA Milton Keynes Open competition:

Pictures available here.

Grading results (19th September 2010)

Red belt: Emily & Ryan
White belt: Elliot
Yellow belt: Phil
Orange belt: Kewin, Casey, Dylan & Kelly
Blue belt: Chris S & Chris W
Brown belt: Jaiwin

ECKA 2nd & 3rd Dan Grading (7th August 2010)

Huge congratulations to Sensei Libby Aldridge who passed her 3rd Dan Black Belt grading, with a grade B, after a 3 hour course and 2 1/2 hour grading!

ECKA Semi-Contact National Championships (17th July 2010)

Excellent results from the ECKA National Championships:

ECKA Awards (17th July 2010)

ECKA also awarded the following at the National Championships:

Sensei Geoff Aldridge - 4th Dan Black Belt
Sensei Libby Aldridge - B Class Referee

Black belt Grading (19th June 2010)

Huge congratulations to the following Bletchley Dragons students who passed their Black belt gradings on the 19th June 2010 at the ECKA headquarters in Coventry:

Felix Lum
Henry Stockwell
Robyn Vaughan

Group picture available here.

Grading Results (13th June 2010)

ICO British Championships (6th June 2010)

A small team from the club travelled to Stratford-upon-Avon for the International Combat Organisation (ICO) British Championships. The competition was of a very high standard, but everyone who fought managed to leave with a medal:

Milton Keynes Interclub (16th May 2010)

Congratulations to the 10 Bletchley Dragons students who all competing in the MK Interclub on Sunday 16th May:

Grading Results (28th March 2010)

Congratulations to 14 Bletchley Dragons students who achieved their belts on Sunday 28th:

Sport Relief Kickathon (Sunday 21st March 2010)

A fantastic result for the club, - 30,225,000 kicks completed for charity and over £600 raised!

Fitness Test Annual Awards (20th December 2009)

Report and pictures from the Annual Awards now available.

Grading results (13th December 2009)

Congratulations to 16 Bletchley Dragons students who achieved their belts on Sunday 13th:

ECKA Light Continuous National Championships (12th December 2009)

Another tournament and another absolutely great set of results! This time from the ECKA Light Continuous National Championships:

ECKA Light Continuous Nationals report with pictures and video now available

ECKA MK Open Results (26th September 2009)

A fantastic set of results from the ECKA MK Open tournament, held at Stantonbury Leisure Centre on the 26th September:

Other fighters were; Nathan & Miraz.

Results, pictures and a video now available

High Grade class

Starting on Sundays from the 4th October at 3pm, there will be additional training for high grades (1st Kyu and over) before the normal Sunday class.

GRADING RESULT (20th September 2009)

Congratulations to the Bletchley Dragons students who achieved their belts:

Sensei Geoff completes Ironman Germany (5th July 2009)

Sensei Geoff completes the full Ironman in 11:53:27. Full report available.

ECKA National Championships (18th July 2009)

Excellent results from the ECKA National Championships:

Full report, pictures and some videos now available

Grading Details (14th June 2009)

Congratulations to 12 Bletchley Dragons students who achieved their next belt on Sunday 14th:

Milton Keynes Interclub Competition (24th May 2009)

Graeme, Daniel and Robyn all win their categoies with Emma and Mahin earning runner-up trophies.

New Website (April 2009)

You may well notice a new look and feel to the Bletchley Dragons club website.  With some help from Prominent Media Ltd the Bletchley club website has been redesigned to match the main ECKA national website and offer some new features and far better navigation.

GRADING RESULT (29th March 2009)

12 Students earn new belts:

Red Belt - Kewin, Matthew & Miraz.
Yellow Belt - Abigail & Morgan.
Orange Belt - Daniel, Nathan & Paul.
Green Belt - Christopher, Jaiwin & Natasha
Blue Belt - Mahin


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