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Grading times - 24th June 2017

Beginners taking Red belt - 10:00am
Current Red belts taking White belt - 11:30am
Current White belts taking Yellow belt - 12:15pm Current Yellow belts taking Orange belt - 1:00pm
Current Orange belts taking Green belt - 2:00pm
Current Green belts and above - 3:00pm
Everyone needs to wear full gi and remember no jewellery!
All white belts and above need full sparring equipment (including groin guards and chest guards). 

Venue: Millmead Hall, Haversham Rd, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5TN

ECKA Bletchley Dragons students learning weapons! 13th May 2017

A number of the students from the club attended a weapons course run by the ECKA Northampton club, taught by Sensei Paul Francis. They learnt how to use Nunchuku and Bo staff and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Sensei Geoff inducted into Hall of Fame - 7th May 2017

Sensei Geoff has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for the 2017 UK Martial Arts Show Hall of Fame! He was presented his certificate from former World Champion Kevin "The Jedi" Brewerton and is pictured with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Lance Lewis.

G Force Open - 2nd April 2017

A small squad attended the G Force Open competition today, fought under WMO rules which looked fun! Everyone fought so well, super proud of them all:
Josh - 2nd place (points)
Aimee - 2nd place (points)
Alex - 2 x 2nd place (light continuous)
Casey - 3rd place (light continuous)

Grading results - 18th March 2017

Great results from today's grading!
Red belts for Kai, Jason, Charlie & Tara
White belts for Callum & Husseyin
Orange belts for Isabelle, Genevieve, Jo & Remco
Green belts for Kaylea & Liam
Purple belt for Yusuf
Blue belt for Matthew

Sensei Geoff referees at the Irish Open

Sensei Geoff is part of the ring sports refereeing team at the Irish Open, the largest competition in the world with over 4,200 entries from 37 countries!

Fantastic results from Bletchley Dragons from the WAKO British Championships - 18th & 19th Fenruary 2017

So proud of a small group from the club stepping on the mats for the WAKO British Championships!
Silver medal (Light Continuous) and Bronze medal (Points) for Meg
Bronze medal for Casey in Light Continuous
Bronze medals for Max in both Light Continuous and Points

Two Dragons compete at the WON - 29th January 2017

Great results for Casey (Light Continuous) and Aimee (points), both earning 3rd places at the Watford Open Nationals (The WON)! Thanks to Sensei Dev and Sensei Mark for supporting and Coaching them.

Training course with Monika Markowska - 14th January 2017

Absolutely amazing, and exhausting training courses with Monika Markowska, previous WAKO World Champion, and GB fighter about to represent Britain at the World Combat Games later this year!

WAKO Daz Ellis Charity competition - 8th January 2017

Only a small squad travelled up to Birmingham for the WAKO Daz Ellis fundraising competition, but they did the club proud, supporting a very good cause!
Aimee - 1st place (Points)
Max - 2nd place (Points)
Alex - 3rd place (Light Continuous)
Max also fought so well in LC, but unfortunately didn't place.
Huge thanks to Monkey and Denise for their support!

The team, pictured with WAKO GB Head Coach, Neville Wray

Grading results - 17th December 2016

Amazing day of truly great grading performances!
Red belts for Callum, Frank, Florence and Huseyin
Yellow belts for Yusuf, Isabelle, Genevieve, Jo and Remco
Orange belts for Jack, Kaylea and Liam
Green belts for Tommy and Ryan
Purple belts for Lizzie, Josh, Max and Paul
Brown belts for Aran and Yasmin!

Kyla passes her 1st dan Black belt - 10th December 2016

After a lengthly training course and nearly three hour grading, Kyla Hincks passes her ECKA 1st Dan Black Belt, with an impressive B grade!

ECKA National Championships - 5th November 2016 

Absolutely amazing results from today's ECKA National Championships!

Casey - Champion
Kyla - 2nd
Josh - 3rd

Team events:
Ladies (Meg, Aimee & Casey) - Champions
Boys, over 5' (Alex, Josh & Max) - Champions

Josh - Champion
Aimee - Champion
Meg - Champion
Sensei Geoff - Champion
Casey - 2nd
Kyla - 2nd
Max - 3rd

Aimee - Champion
Meg - 2nd
Casey - 2nd
Josh - 3rd
Kyla - 3rd
Max - 3rd

ECKA Milton Keynes Open - 1st October 2016

Fantastic results, well done everyone for taking part. Very proud of you all.

Semi Contact:
Tommy - Champion
Josh - Champion
Alex - Champion
Liam - Champion
Aimee - Champion
Kyla - Champion
Meg - Champion
Lizzie - Runner-up
Joe - Runner-up
Lauren - Runner-up
Mark - Runner-up
Edward - 3rd
Florence - 3rd
Amina - 3rd
John - 3rd
Matthew - 4th

Kyla - Runner-up
Josh - 3rd
Amina - 3rd
Casey - 3rd

Light Continuous:
Josh - Champion
Alex - Champion
Liam - Champion
Aimee - Champion
Meg - Champion
Joe - Runner-up
Yasmin - Runner-up
Amina - Runner-up
Lauren - Runner-up
Kyla - Runner-up
Edward - 3rd
Casey - 3rd
John - 3rd
Mark - 3rd
Matthew - 4th

Well done also goes to the following people who competed but unfortunately didn't place:

Grading results - 17th September 2016

White belts for Isabelle, Jo and John
Yellow belts for Jack, Kaylea & Liam
Orange belt for Ryan
Purple belt for Matthew

ECKA Northampton Interclub - 3rd September 2016

Full results from the ECKA Northampton Interclub today:
Lizzie - 1st
Kyla - 1st
Liam - 1st
Josh - 2nd
Mark - 2nd
Aimee - 2nd
Boris - 3rd
Alex - 3rd
Max - 4th (both Boys and Men)
Tommy - 4th
Jo - 4th

Light continuous:

Lizzie - 1st
Alex - 1st
Max - 1st (Men)
Kyla - 1st
Max - 2nd (Boys)
Mark - 2nd
Aimee - 3rd
Jo - 4th
Boris - runner up
Tommy - runner up

ECKA Summer Course - 20th & 21st August 2016

A fantastic weekend of training at the University of Bath for club students, John Cavalot, Liam Connell, Aimee Deakin, Kyla Hincks pictured with Sensei Geoff and Libby with Michael "Venom" Page!

Bletchley Dragons take a team to WCKA Interclub - 14th August 2016

Fantastic results:
Josh - Champion (semi-contact)
Edward - Champion (light continuous) & 2nd (semi-contact)
Alex - Champion (kick light), 2nd (light continuous) & 3rd (semi-contact)
Amina - Champion (semi-contact) & 3rd (light continuous)
Casey - 2nd (light continuous)
Dan - 2nd (light continuous)
Great results for Alex and Edward from the freeform too!

Grading results - 13th August 2016

Purple belt for Aimee and Brown belt for Amina! Fantastic efforts from both girls, did the club proud at ECKA Northampton's grading today.

ECKA Cup - 16th July 2016

A small team from the club attended the ECKA Cup competition in Coventry, with some great results:
Amina - Champion in Freeforms and Semi Contact, and 2nd in Light Continuous
Kyla - 2nd place in Freeform and Light Continuous
Casey - 2nd in Semi Contact and 3rd in Light Continuous
Liam - 2nd in Semi Contact
Paul - 3rd in Semi Contact
Aimee - 3rd in Semi Contact

Mark Hodges gains 2nd Dan Black belt - 2nd July 2016

Mark Hodges manages to pass his ECKA 2nd Dan Black belt grading following a gruelling grading with ECKA Chief Instructor and second in command, Sensei Dev Barrett and Sensei Red Walcott!


Grading results - Saturday 25th June 2016

Red belts for: Isabel, Jo & John
White belts for: Yusuf, Genevieve, Claire, Liam & Remco
Orange belts for: Tommy, Jack, Kevin & Boris
Green belts for: Lizzie, Josh, Edward, Max & Paul
Blue belts for: Aran & Yasmin
Brown belts for: Caitlin & Paula

Fantastic performances by you all, well done!

Thursday 23rd June 2016

Unfortunately the Coronation Hall will again be used as a Polling Station this Thursday (23rd June).
However, once again we can all meet at the Caldecote Arms at 6pm, and find a suitable space around the lake (for any late-comers, we will head out to the left of the lake, if you face the main entrance to the pub) and we will do some fitness training and padwork outside! Please wear gym kit rather than your gi - ECKA T-shirts/hoodies optional!

Mark gets his Black Belt!

Mark Mackrill successfully passes his 1st dan black belt with a grade B after a fantastic performance!

ECKA Hereford Open (22nd May 2016)

Such fantastic results from today's Hereford Open which had a very high standard and everyone fought so so well! Full results were:
Aimee - 1st 
Josh - 2nd
Casey - 2nd
John - 2nd
Glenn - 2nd
Kyla - 2nd
Amina - 3rd
Clare - 3rd
Great efforts, but unfortunately no placing for Lizzie, Tommy, Alex, Edward, Max, Liam and Meg. 
Light continuous:
Amina - 1st
Aimee - 1st 
John - 3rd
Again, top work from Josh, Glenn, Lizzie, Tommy, Alex, Edward, Max and Liam.
Amina - 3rd 
Josh got 4th (just by one point) and Edward did great in his first freeform section.

ECKA Tipton Open (17th April 2016)

Great results from the first ECKA Grand Prix competition at Tipton!
Semi Contact
Josh - 1st
Aimee - 2nd
Kaylea - 2nd
Max - 3rd
Aimee - 2nd
Kaylea - 2nd
Alex - 3rd
Max - 3rd
A big shout out to those who fought but didn't place this time: Matthew, Ryan, Ben, Lizzie & Tommy And a special well done to Josh, Ryan and Kaylea for stepping and performing freeforms!

Sport Relief (20th March 2016)

A few members from the club conducted 100 rounds of sparring for 2016 Sport Relief weekend, raising £325 (so far) for charity!

Grading results (19th March 2016)

The club's biggest ever grading, so a huge well done to all of the following:

Red belts: Yusuf, Geneviene, James, Claire, Liam, Glen, Remco & Jes
White belts: Max, Dylan, Tomiwa & Kaylea
Yellow belts: Tommy, Ryan, Jack, Tunmishe, Kevin & Boris
Orange belts: Lizzy, Ben, Josh, Edward, Max, Timmy, Asha, Clare, Helen, Kirsten, Rich & Paul
Green belts: Eddie, JJ, Matthew, Aimee & Robyn
Blue belt: Mason

ECKA Hereford Interclub results (12th March 2016)

Full results from the ECKA Hereford Interclub:
Lizzie - Champion x 2 (points and continuous)
Alex - Champion x 2 (points and continuous)
Amina - Champion x 2 (points and freeform) & 2nd place (continuous)
Josh - Champion (points) & 2nd place (continuous) 
Edwards - Champion (continuous) and 2nd place (points) 
Liam - Champion (continuous) and 3rd place (points) 
Kyla - 2nd place (points) & 3rd place (freeform)
Ryan - 2nd place (points) & 3rd place (continuous) 
Rob - 2nd place (continuous) & 3rd place (points) 
Max - 2 x 3rd place (points and continuous)
Aimee and Tommy fought so so well but both just missed out on the podium with 4th places.

Amina gains British Championships Bronze medal (21st February 2016)

Amina wins a bronze medal for a fantastic performance at the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) British Championships!

Sensei Geoff awarded 5th Dan Black Belt - 23rd January 2016

On the 23rd January Sensei Geoff attended the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) GB Awards Night and was awarded his 5th Dan Black Belt, as well as an award for his "Devotion and Commitment" to WAKO GB as a referee.

Sensei Geoff receiving his 5th Dan Black Belt from WAKO GB President Peter Edwards and WAKO Europe President Roy Baker

January 2016 special offer!

Join as a new member in January and as part of your membership package (including free suit) receive two months training fees instead of one!

Grading results - 19th December 2015

The club's biggest ever grading and probably the highest average pass mark!
Red belts: Dylan & Kaylea
White belts: Ryan, Jack Scholl, Sophie, Naiyomi, Jack Sharp, Kevin & Boris
Yellow belts: Elizabeth, Benjamin, Josh, Nayanan, Edward, Max, Clare, Helen, Rich, Nada & Paul
Orange belts: Eddie, JJ & Aimee
Green belt: Girisha
Purple belts: Aran, Joe, Yasmin & Sunil
Blue belts: Caitlin & Amina
Well done to everyone, you did the club proud!

Some of the students from the December grading with their new belts!

Dylan passes his ECKA Black belt!

Dylan Gannaway passes his ECKA 1st Black belt grading!

Sensei Geoff Referees in WAKO World Championships

Sensei Geoff was selected to referee at the 2015 WAKO World Championship in Dublin, Ireland and was lucky to be awarded his WAKO International Referee "B Class" licence!

Sensei Geoff inducted into the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame 2015

ECKA Light Continuous National Championships - Saturday 7th November 2015

Yasmin Bali - Champion 
Edward O'Brien - Champion
Kyla Hincks - Champion
Sensei Geoff - Champion
Amina Le Gall - 2nd place
Absolutely awesome fighting from Benjamin, Lizzie, Tommy, Max & Timmy, some very proud moments today!

The trophy winners from the ECKA 2015 Light Continuous National Championships

1st Kyu for Kyla - Sunday 25th October 2015

Kyla Hincks earns her 1st Kyu grade with a fantastic performance!

Kyla with her 1st Kyu

ECKA Bletchley Dragons Interclub results - Saturday 26th September 2015

Golds to: Lizzy McCormick, Yasmin Bali, Max Andrejevs & Amina Le Gall

Runner-ups to: Ryan Cary, Caitlin Gannaway & Amina Le Gall

3rd place to: Aran Bali, Lizzie McCormick, Max Andrejevs

August/September events

Please note there will be no normal classes this bank holiday weekend (Sunday 30th or Monday 31st August).
Sensei Rob will be running a fitness session on Sunday 30th from 4pm-5:30pm, everyone is welcome (bring a drink and a towel)! 
Next main events coming up:

Grading - Saturday 19th September 2015
ECKA Bletchley Interclub competition (Points and Light Continuous) - Saturday 26th September 2015

ECKA National Championships (Semi-contact) - Saturday 4th July 2015

Some of the Bletchley Dragons team from the 2015 ECKA National Championships:

The team fought fantastically and we have well earnt second places for Amina, Yasmin, Timmy & Edward! Valuable experience for JJ, William, Matthew, Tommy & Elizabeth:

ECKA Northampton Interclub - Sunday 31st May 2015

Club results from the Northampton Interclub:
Amina - 2 x Gold
Yasmin - Silver
William - Bronze
Aran - Bronze

Great fight and runners-up medals to: Thomas, Elizabeth, Edward & Rhys

Tipton Open - Sunday 29th March 2015

A day of firsts from the ECKA Tipton Open, first competition for William and Timmy and the the first time Amina had to step up into the Adults section! Everyone did themselves, the club and me proud! Great to have Sensei Libby back refereeing.

Grading results 21st March 2015

Huge congratulations to:

Red belts for Joshua, Eddie, Skye, Sophie, Nayanan, Tunishe, Aimee, Kirsten, Richard & Nada
White belts for William, JJ, Matthew, Timmy & Asha
Yellow belt for Aran
Orange belts for Marlon, Yasmin & Sunil
Green belt for Joe

Daniel Nye gets Silver and Bronze in British Championships (14th February 2015)

Bletchley Dragons student, Daniel Nye, as part of the ECKA Squad earns a Silver medal in Kick Light and Bronze Medal in Light Continuous in the WAKO British Champions! He is now eligible to train with the GB squad at attempt to secure a place for the World Championships later this year.

Grading result 20th & 21st December 2014

Red belts: William, Nathan, Jemain, Joseph, Matthew & Timmy
White belts: Yla-Mei, Angelo, Aran & Johnny
Yellow belts: Yasmin & Sunil
Orange belt: Rhys
Green belts: Harriet, Mason & Amina
Blue belt: Lilly

Sensei Geoff inducted into the MAI Hall of Fame (2014)

On the 16th November 2014, Sensei Geoff was included into the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame in the category of 'Top Instructors' for 2014.

ECKA Light Continuous National Championships - 8th November 2014

Great results from the ECKA Light Continuous national championships today:

Daniel Nye - National Champion - Men's Black belt -80kg
Daniel McCarthy - Runner-up - Men's Red-Purple belts -80kg
Amina Le Gall - Runner-up - Girl's -5' 4" (all grades)

Sensei Geoff receives International Referee licence

Sensei Geoff was selected as the Great Britain official for the WAKO European Championships and after a week of Refereeing and Judging was awarded his International Referee licence (C Class).

Sensei Geoff being awarded his WAKO International Referee licence from Vadim Ukraintsev (Member of the WAKO Referee Committee for Ring Sports)

Sensei Geoff nominated for MAI Hall of Fame 2014

Milton Keynes Open results - Saturday 27th September 2014

Amazing day at the ECKA MK Open today! 
In the Semi Contact we had:
Tia 3rd
Amina 3rd
Rhys 4th
And in the Light Continuous we had:
Amina 1st
Dan (Nye) 2nd
Tia 2nd
Rhys 3rd

Grading results- Saturday 20th September 2014

Fantastic grading results today:
Red belts for Yla, Aran and Asha
White belts for Max, Yasmin and Sunil
Orange belts for Harriet, Mason and Amina
Green belt for Caitlin!

ECKA Semi-Contact National Championships - 19th July 2014

Good day at the ECKA Semi-Contact National Championships today!
Lilly just missed out on a podium place with a 4th, and Henry had a tough, tough fight against the eventual champion in the black belt boys section.
Amina managed a well deserved 2nd place trophy and Sensei Geoff successfully defended the National Title he won in 2013!

The ECKA Bletchley Dragons team

Videos of Sensei Geoff in action today:
Semi final -
Final -

Grading results - 28th - 29th June 2014

Huge congratulations to the following students for passing their grading:

Red belts - Johnny, Sunil & Yasmin
Yellow belts - Amina & Rhys
Purple belt - Daniel


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